11/17/2018 5:16:27 AM
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Customer Reviews
  • The food looks absolutely beautiful and is so creative and delicious. I'm so happy I used them for my wedding and would recommend them 100%.
    - Nimisha Patel
  • I love S3 Catering, and you boys are making me proud.
    - Mukesh Desai
  • Have loved every bite of every dish I've had so far from S3 Catering! Innovative and savory in both taste and presentation!
    - Sujal Shah
  • Awesome food and really well done presentation
    - Viraj Webster Patel
  • Thank you S3 for making our event a success!! Food was very creative and everyone loved it including the condiments - samosas were the best!
    - Vrunda Bapat
  • great work enviroment and excellent staff.
    - Simon Tompkins
  • Food is awesome...
    - Sheks Taj