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About Us

about_smallAt S3 Catering, we are passionate in what we do and no matter what shape your event takes, we can do it all & the sky is the limit! Whether it’s a plated formal dining extravaganza, a fun filled buffet of choices, signature Chef’s bars, action stations or an in-home seasonal dining soiree for your closest friends is our specialty. We are more than just a catering company we are your Multicultural Cuisine Concierge. Special events are our expertise, as our talented team will present you the perfect guide to creating an explosion of flavors and nostalgia for you & your guest’s palate! S3 Catering prides itself as being the first culinary design studio focused on creating out of the box food experiences & end results never seen before for those foodies who have yet to

see it all. Our team of experts is well versed in the 5 star gourmet dining experience all the while keeping in mind your over all vision & style! Customer service is a priority to us and we want to make sure that we listen to your every need, deliver a culinary experience that focuses on You and our creative presentation, all the while selecting the finest ingredients and high quality and natural products to prep & present your expectations in a Simply, Savory, Spiced & Stylish manner! S3 Catering is headed by a creative and diverse international trio who are passionate in what the company commits to its clients and most of all delivers. Our team will do no matter what regardless how tediousand complex your event logistics and needs turn out to be. We believe the sky is the limit, ask and you shall receive!

Our Story

S3 Catering started off as a test pilot in 2011 as the vibrant duo of Nirjary Desai & Rajan Mistry, teamed up to fulfill a major gap in the South Asian Market segment, specifically all South Asian ethnic cuisines. Their vision is to strive and showcase our South Asian heritage by artistically blending world culture thought and robust culinary expressions. They also believe in core values that focuses on their clients, vendors and team of professionals who strive to do nothing but create a positive experience for everyone!

Our Team

Nirjary M. Desai

She is stylish, sassy, the true creative marketing head of the brand. Born in Africa and raised in the United States, and after finishing her undergrad at the University of South Carolina, she pursed her MBA in International Marketing & Brand Management.


Rajan Mistry

He is laid back, chill, and the glue that holds us all together. A Canadian native with Indian &
African roots who settled and grew up in good ‘ole Georgia. A Georgia State graduate, but a true foodie at heart. Rajan has grown up supporting his family’s catering & hospitality operation.


S3 Catering - Simply, Savory & Spiced